twitter is down

Well, there is strong reason to make such a bold statement as I made through the title of this post. Let’s start with breaking the news, if you already don’t know that twitter with small, little blue t was down for more than four hours today from around 2:20 pm GMT till 6:29Pm GMT.

I was shocked. I was exasperated. I was worried. I was searching all over the Google for the answer, posting questions on Plurk (another micro-blogging site), asking people on (yet another micro-blogging site) and Facebook, and updating my status message on Gtalk (which eventually pushed one friend of mine to ask me what happend). And the answer I got convinced me of the twitter’s status. I was sad, and was waiting to see twitter happening again – I am so hooked – but this is not the reason behind the pronouncement I made in the headline.

I said so because of what happened when twitter failed. Twitter did not made me feel too bad – yes, it did for sometime, or rather till the time I did not search Google – because of the things I found. After failing to connect to twitter despite pressing F5 countless times, I searched Google with this phrase, “Is Twitter Down?”. And the result I got was as exciting and as minimalistic as twitter itself.

The first link was to a website with a page title, Is Twitter Down?(URL:, which had just one word written Yes with big red Y (by the way, if you click it now, you will get no with big, bold, proud N as an answer). Although it confirmed my doubt, yet, it left me wondering, and I exclaimed, “What the heck!” and I went to the second organic link.

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The landing page on the other side of the link was more entertaining than twitter itself. The page tittle of the website read, “When Twitter is Down(URL: I decided to check, what happens when twitter is down, and you know what, I was welcomed by a cool twitter-like blue, less-than-140-character message.

It was not the physical look of the message (aphorism) that made me so excited about the failed twitter, but it was the message itself. I later realize, the message was clickable, and on clicking the message, I got yet another message, equally entertaining, and I kicked off from there. The message was started with something like

When Twitter is down, it’s probably because you used it wrong.

And went on to

When Twitter is down, something is technically fucked up.

When Twitter is down, move on to the next thing

When Twitter is down, the @ reply seems like a stupid concept.

When Twitter is down, grab the shortest guy you can find and pummel him.

When Twitter is down, my shit still gets favorites, what what.

When Twitter is down, there is no zeitgeist.

When Twitter is down, your followers forget you ever existed.

When Twitter is down, clouds robot sperm bird.

When Twitter is down, make up your own Twitter with household chemicals.

When Twitter is down, yell ‘FAVORITE’ at attractive strangers.

I am not sure, how many of such clever lines are there, but I got hooked for a while, before moving towards the end of the first search result page of Google only to find a website that was quite unlike twitter in every sense other than the brevity. Its page title read, Twitter Status Update(URL: It updated me in flat, monotonous and authority like voice about twitter being dead for the time being. My anxiety subsided after reading that, and now as twitter is back again, everyone is Gaga.


But, what about Well, nothing about it. There is nothing worth talking about it. It doesn’t even have anything even to hate it for. It is just crap!