Indeed sir, you won’t! But does it mean that you are going to take any action against it or do anything about it? The answer, indeed, is no. Not tolerating and acting against is not the same thing. Action requires being proactive, whereas ‘not tolerating’ requires merely a bit of reactiveness, which you have in full supply. And as there is no demand for this (reactiveness) now a days, you’ll continue to have it till next blast. A Simple law of economics. not_tolerate

No. Indeed you are not to be blamed. You are doing whatever is in your capacity: writing letters, giving we-won’t-tolerate-this speech, having rice (no pun intended) offered by the United States. Your inability to take any action can’t be your fault, isn’t it?

All your life, you have lived sucking life out of your subordinates, Indian citizens, and now come on, how can any Rakesh, Ramesh or Dinesh (my apology to all the Englize Indians, oops, Americanize Indians, for this Indian version of Tom, Dick or Harry) demand any action from you? How dare he? I am with you sir, in this lasting-till-death hibernation.

Let me offer a solace, it’ll ease your tension out.

I don’t know singing. Now, if someone just walks over to me, and says, “Hey Bikram sing! Can’t you? You are this, you are that….” And start abusing. Sorry sir, I get slightly agitated, infuriated on this abusing thing and quite understandably so (I hope you understand), I am just a common person. I do not have your capacity of tolerating this eternal garlanding of your maa aur behan (mom and sister). You are great, you can tolerate this. But other than avenging on this, I swear, I don’t do anything, I don’t sing. Simply because I can’t. How can anyone blame me for not knowing to sing? Not my fault!

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Similarly, how can anyone expect any action from you? You don’t know to act, you don’t have balls, actually it got removed before you took oath. What can you do about it? I am with you. This is not your fault.

Is it not sufficient for this paagal janta (mad citizens) that you have just issued, ‘we’ll not tolerate it statement’? Indeed they are being too much demanding. Why they don’t understand, action requires strength of character. And now, at this age, at this ripe age, where will you bring character from? If you had been young, things would have been different, but at this age? Sheer nonsense!

I know how hard it is to get up and say, ‘…and we’ll not tolerate this’. Instead of showing gratitude, this paagal janta is demanding something more, some action. This ever-hungry janta (citizen) will never be satisfied.

Let them die, just increase the temperature of your thermostat a bit — sorry sir, you’ll have to. The bomb blasts are suspended for now, so there is no external heat to rely on, for this winter– and relax. Let them cry foul. I know you will not tolerate this, either.