Second Encounter

Hi Folks, I had wonderful time sharing the experience I had with HP Gift Redemption Cell (To read the complete story please see the relevant entry). This is the second and very fresh experience, u can even smell the blood on my cuffs. This time my mistake was to order...Read Full Article

Sachin, Stats and Wallpaper

DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to do with the game cricket, my apology to the fans of cricket crazy nation. The issue here is rather bigger that involves the personal aspect behind liking cricket or any other sports or any other activity. Passion. This post is...Read Full Article

Headgear with you!

Headgear with you! Why do you carry it, all the while? Is there some war going, or got intuition of some assault, or is it just imagination that…? Relax! Friend, keep it aside I am with you and nothing else, will hurt. Do you still believe, “stick & stone may...Read Full Article