Photography is an art or not? This debate should be left for the critics to fight and decide, whatever its final status comes to be, no one can deny the way photography has affected visual storytelling. Started with cave painting, visual storytelling has reached the masses, crossing the class boundary of fresco paintings and the time consuming process of the film cameras.

Every device has a camera now, be it your computer, your cell phone or even your music players, and this revolution of film-less photo techniques of 21supst/sup century has truly democratized the art of visual storytelling. Gone are the days when someone had to be Caravaggio, da Vinci or Rembrandt to catch the essence of the moment and mesmerize the audience. With digital photography everyone is capable of capturing the moment and that too more precisely then did the great masters of yesteryears.

Digital photography has changed everything, from the way we click images, the way we process images, the amount of pictures we take and share to the way we take notes. The impact of photography is so monumental that a section of post-modern art schools has stopped teaching their wards the art of drawing pictures; instead they are teaching the art of clicking pictures for preliminary works.

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