Headgear with you!

Why do you carry it,
all the while?
Is there some war going,
or got intuition of some assault,
or is it just imagination that…?
Relax! Friend, keep it aside
I am with you
and nothing else, will hurt.

Do you still believe,
“stick & stone may break
my bone but words can’t hurt?”
what makes you carry
this load all the while?

You seem concerned, I must confess,
It’s no war that you heard of
is happening. It’s the man,
Sipping tea on ice
Following with your step
Plotting the story
Looking deep into your eyes,
Poses the threat!

“Its not stick or stone,
my friend, that break
your bone, its word that will!”

keep aside, the headgear,
it protects none and nor it will.

I remember once,
Called you friend,
So, sending you this piece of advice;
Get the armour
Shield your senses
Remain unconcerned, defocused.

It’s not the word
That may break your bone,
It’s the meaning fallen
Inside and outside
of spoken and unspoken…!

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