bInformation always had been noun. Then was digital revolution; the speed and velocity of its delivery has transformed ‘Information’, into a verb or rather ‘the verb’ for all the practical purposes.
For several decades in some part of our professional lives, in fields like asset markets, real estate, it was regarded as a verb. But in no time in history, it was so widely considered as a working capital for the survival of enterprises as it was during time and ages of digital revolution led by personal computers in late seventies and during early years of eighties then followed internet and World Wide Web then what not.
It was considered to be the capital for the growth of any industry and if someone dared to think different, he lagged behind. Everything was just fine, venture capital was flowing in as wine and whiskey does in parties, lots and lots of capital was available to the weirdest of the idea with no base other than the intention of capitalizing on the advantage of having early information than lots other. As happens every time, some of the idea was good where as others were not. The year was millennial and death was inevitable, someone somewhere pricked the bubble and stock market went flat and so did, not surprisingly, most of them. It didn’t imply that we wrongly assumed of its being verb but the thing that it says is, we failed to understand the real potential of this, ‘information’. We had no idea about its true strength and we failed short in calculating the impact it will make in not so distant future.
Then came Web2.0 and it did the job of identifying the true nature of ‘information’. From its being noun to being preposition, ‘information’ has travelled a long distance. Everything from the way business is conducted to the way to communicate to the things we talk about and the impact an average Joe has on bigger picture has undergone significant changes.
There are lots of driver of such changes and lots of different things patterns emerges from nowhere or say which was there but we were so blinded by our choice that we significantly failed to see it until this moment.
We’ll continue investigating in the issue in subsequent posts.