Bihar-failed-stateNitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, has wonderfully dealt with a minister who put “Scam charges” on his own department and CM’s secretariat. He has sacked his Excise minister Jamshed Ashraf for speaking truth.

This is how our great CM is trying to revive a failed state: by firing anyone who speaks against his government and its bureaucrats.

If Nitish Kumar was not involved in the scam- yes I wrote SCAM and his involvement in it- then Mr. CM should have sent the matter for higher investigation (probably CBI),  but instead he asked chief secretary of state (another bureaucrat) to investigate the charges Mr. Ashraf put against Bureaucrats in Nitish’s office.

How innocent is the CM! It’s time for us to think afresh of all the development gaga he is making for Bihar. This whole “Bihar developing” sounds more like NDA’s “India shining” — a Public relation campaign— and by the way Bihar has the same government who shouted “India shining” before 2004.

How good will you rank a government that has only helped in constructing state’s road in 5 years (1,825 days)? That too is not complete!

Facts about Bihar

  • If you have lost your driving license or mobile phone, you will have to pay Rs. 600 to Bihar police to make them register your FIR.
  • If you have been beaten or attempted to set you on fire alive by your in-laws or even escaped from certain death then you will have to pay Rs. 10,000 to make Bihar Police register your FIR.
  • There is no way in which you can make police do anything without paying any money. If you know someone in power than at least you will have to pay for Police’s chai paani and cigarette. (Rs. 100 at least).
  • No electricity in any city for more than 8-10 hours a day (except perhaps Patna) despite tall claims of building this grid system, and producing that much electricity there.
  • Teacher to student ratio is dangerously low.
  • Government is treating employment as opium for Bihari masses not as something they should get, hence offering them petty jobs to keep them busy by paying just Rs. 5,000 at max. I am being very generous when I said so. By design government is pushing Biharis towards poverty line.
  • Nitish Kumar is all words and no action CM. He failed even to bring one company, forget about industry to Bihar.
  • There are quite a few sugar mills, paper mills, and other old establishment in the state which is not operational. Mr. Kumar never bothered to take notice of any of them.
  • It is not unknown to anyone that Bihar has a rich cultural history, which government has failed to capitalize it through tourism.
  • Bihar has also failed to capitalize on religious tourism. Well even I am not a big fan of god still I believe this should have been used to pull pilgrims to Bihar.
    • For Sikh: Patna Sahib, Birth Place of Guru Gobind Singh, which in its own right could be a good crowd puller.
    • Buddhist: Bodh Gaya, place where Buddha got Nirvana. For Buddhists even vaishali is very important.
    • Jains: Jamui, birth place of Mahavira who establish Jainism had a potential of becoming a destination for Jain pilgrims, which it is not
    • Hindu: Mithila (Darbhanga, Sitamadhi, etc.) the birth place of Sita could have been used to pull Hindu pilgrims.
  • There are several failed industry and economic sectors in Bihar that Nitish Kumar simply overlooked. They could have doubled the growth of the state.
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    Like India of 2004, Bihar is also not shining. It is for us to wake up to this fact and work towards a change, I mean the real one.