runningWe ended our discussion in previous post by defining the scope of marketing and the natural first question that emerges from there is, why now?

Well, to answer this we’ll have to look forward to Charles Darwin to assist us in framing the answer. No matter what others believe, no matter what church has to say; this, like our development to Homo sapiens from the Homo erectus, is the question of evolution. Such things never happened like, a small number of best brains in marketing and related fields brainstormed to come up with this idea and then laid the board, strategically put the pieces and drew a flow chart and there we go! It never happened. No intelligent design, no top-down trickling effect, no deliberate plan; it was just an effect of lots and lots of causes happening in the yesteryears. We never intended to arrive at this rather we were and we are lead to this by people, by every several units (if not every) of our gigantic social structure. This is the real epitome of bottom-up organizing principle of our social structure, which marketer has wrongly assumed of being top-down structure. As reasoned in part one, marketing is a continuously evolving process responsive to every change in the multi-faceted social landscape and this misunderstanding of the core organizing principle of society has lead marketer in seeing and believing the wrong picture and hence spendthrift we are of our limited resources.
It happened now, because the ground was quite fertile for any such things to come into existence. Everything had been just perfect for the outcome to happen: too much reliance on flexing the dollar-muscles, too much readiness in taking the perceptions of handful of not-so-bright as well as bright practitioner as reality, too much deliberation on statistical data while too less attention to the keen understanding of populace, carpet-bombing advertising, too much choices to individuals to confuse them, too quick the changes to catch hold of, divided attention and undivided distrust to the corporate activities, free access to information, remain-in-touch-anytime-anywhere revolution, every-thing-said-and-done attitude, gaining importance of consultative purchase and consumption decision, swift transition from individualism to community-ism and back to individualism; the list is long but the effect is one, finally the king has got the real power.
We, the practitioner of the field has always been giving lip service to done-to-the-death-phrase, “Consumer is king”, but now, when king has commanded the power of speech, we are aghast. And this fear makes us believe things like, it won’t work, it’s just another fad, and this can’t be true. At best we believed this is just another term for the same thing and this colored vision doesn’t let us see that the battlefield has been changed the paradigm is entirely different, old ways of doing things won’t seek any result, instead we still are pushing hard and hard and hard flexing our muscles, wasting our creative juices but alas, things won’t be same again!
We’ll continue our discussion in next part as well.