By writing post titled, It’s All Monkey Business for Nitish Kumar, I think I have agitated quite a few Nitish Kumar Supporters. I have received abusive comments on the post, which I duly marked spam. I would request you to read the following declaration before writing any more abusive comment:

  1. I have no business with Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav. I know what he has done for Bihar, and I also do not want him to be back in power as much as you do (or even more), but I know the decency to not be abusive in comments.
  2. The kinds of abuses you have thrown at me show the kind of people you are surrounded with, so we should better use some kind words to reflect our good upbringing. At least mine is good one.
  3. Does Nitish Camp has any decent person to start healthy discussion on the topic?
  4. By not being in favor of MR. Lalu Yadav does not make me a Nitish Pro. Nitish is no better, at least in terms of failed promises.
  5. I am not willing to buy into the “Bihar development and his being honest” propaganda spread by his own PR team (I hope those who wrote abuses know what PR firm does).

I think, instead of being pro this and anti that, you need to think on the terms of development in the state and condition of people in the state. Go and find the data and do a comparative analysis of things that has changed, and how Mr. Kumar has used laws to cover up for his incompetence. We need a competent CM, not someone who cannot do anything. The image of Mr. Kumar that you have now is PR generated.

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Why don’t you exercise your mind and see what is right and what is not? Don’t fall for PR campaigns. It will do not any good to you or society. I definitely do not want RJD or Mr. Yadav, but it does not mean I am stuck for Mr. Kumar only.

Be it Nitish Kumar if that is only option we have. But do not give up before exercising your judgment.