A couple of months back, I wrote this sample article for one of my clients. As this was just a sample for which neither the payment was made nor the copyright was sought. Hence, the decision to publish it on my blog or not rested with me. Today, while browsing through my folders, I happen to see this article, and I thought to publish the article here. I believe, this will be an interesting read for my readers.

obama-100-daysMartin Luther king Jr. had a dream and Barak Obama has realized it. He said he can and America supported him, and so did the rest of the world. He swore as 44th president of the United States, and everyone watched him glued to the television. It was a proud moment, and we held our head high and fixed our gaze at the top-most invisible point in the horizon. It has been hundred days since and the time for a reality check has come.

How do you perceive Barak Obama? Is he a leader of American people who voted for him; is he a world leader with American interest in mind, or is he a true leader of men and women of all class, creed, race, and ethnicity? How you answer this question will decide how you will evaluate the work done by Obama in his first hundred days in the oval office. Through his debates and speeches, he pitched himself as a true leader of men and women, regardless of their birth, and location, so through this article I will analyze his works in this light only.

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As a true world leader, Obama has fallen short of his promises on many occasions. If his announcement of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison within one year has set the stage for him to become a true world leader then his myopic South-East Asian policy has given one of the biggest dents in his world-leader image. Neither of the two got wide acceptance, but the former was seen by supporters as a step towards bringing fairness in trail and as a step that recognizes the prisoners’ human rights. His declaration of deploying more troops in Afghanistan by 2011 raised many eyebrows, and his strategy towards handling crisis in Pakistan is seen as half-hearted measure to crush international terrorism. This Af-Pak policy is neither going to curb the extremists’ intention to take over Pakistan, nor this policy will succeed in breaking the backbone of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

While drafting the Af-Pak policy his administration’s officials forgot to take into account the recent Talibanisation of Western Pakistan. They also misread the survey reports that conveyed the support Osama Bin Laden has in Pakistan. Obama with his lenient stance towards Pakistan has paved a way for Taliban to take control of Islamabad, which will not be even in the United States’ own interest.

There are similar loopholes in the Obama’s foreign policy that only will not pose a threat to the United States leadership, but a strong and unrestrained North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela will also be a threat of equal measure for the world peace.

In his first 100 days in the office, Obama has proved to be a strong leader with clear concern for the American tax payers, who happen to vote for him, but Obama still has many things to prove in order to become a true leader of men and women.