My Response to Life after capitalism on Aljazeera

I have posted the following in the reply to a discussion on about capitalism. I thought to share it with the readers who do not read...

War on Terror or Terror of War

It didn’t all begin on 9/11. But let’s say it did. Let’s shut off the critical parts of our brains and pretend to believe in the narrative of the mainstream media and powerful governments. Let’s forget that prior to 9/11, there was a decade long collaboration between the U.S. and the Jihadists against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan which left the country in ruins and in the hands of the crazed knuckleheads. Let’s also forget those CIA sponsored coups against the popular, democratic governments and installations of puppet regimes in the Middle East which oppressed their own people but kept the oil supply running westward.

In Pictures: 65 Faces of Bharat Mata

If anyone had even a shard of doubt over the role BJP played in the ‘nationalism’ tinted incidents that have taken place at various places than the BJP National Executive meeting has removed it. Now even the ‘innocents’ know that it was not people on the fringes who caused things to happen in a certain way, which even coloured Congress in saffron hue.

Anna Hazare, Indian Media, and Prince Falling In the Well

The journey of Indian mass has been significant. it has jumped straight away from being completely unconcerned about anything that happens to their surroundings to being hyper-reactive to each and everything that happens around them, and mostly it does so blindly, without even thinking what it is doing, or without ever stopping on sanity.

What is wrong with Hindutva?

“While Hinduism – or call it what you will – is thousands of years old, the Hindu isn’t. The Hindu of our time – or the Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, and the rest of it – is in large part a fairly recent being. He (the He-ness of it needs to be emphasized) is forcibly brought into existence by the myriad forces of modernity which unhinged him from the organic traditions of the past his forefathers had been living for centuries and left him anxious about his place in the world.”

It’s All Monkey Business for Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, has wonderfully dealt with a minister who put "Scam charges" on his own department and CM's secretariat....

…And We Will Not Tolerate This!

Indeed sir, you won’t! But does it mean that you are going to take any action against it or do anything about it? The answer, indeed, is no. Not tolerating and acting against is not the same thing. Action requires being proactive, whereas ‘not tolerating’ requires...

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What is this Naqvi thing, anyway?

Yes, Mr. Naqvi, you are not a subject for any discussion, you never was. You are the bait BJP, has hooked to allure Muslim voters, the thing we do when we go fishing. Even if you are an object, there is no clear idea about what kind of object you are? Let’s talk about...

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Two Mails that killed Whitenoise

Prologue These two mails marked the end of Whitenoise. This brain-child of mine came into existence to make the living simple and facts more reliable. In our over communicated society marketing message is everywhere, everyone claims to be best or number one (a few on...

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Trading with

It's not easy to deal with the best companies, leader of the pack. They make big claims, to be the best, on time services, no waiting line etc., but their services suck, big time. ICICI bank is one such company. In the name of superior services, they'll create all...

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Thinking Media

Two things happened recently. One can be labelled important, while another should be called a piece of scrap. What’s important is the timing, how they coincided. I, just finished, Anderson Cooper’s, CNN foreign correspondent, book Dispatches from the edge and couple...

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Second Encounter

Hi Folks, I had wonderful time sharing the experience I had with HP Gift Redemption Cell (To read the complete story please see the relevant entry). This is the second and very fresh experience, u can even smell the blood on my cuffs. This time my mistake was to order...

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A Date with Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Introduction I was quite enthusiastic when I bought my Tablet PC from Hewlett-Packard (HP). And adding onto my excitement was offer of getting free iPod Shuffle and other gifts from HP. But this excitement was bound to be short lived, as I was dealing with a highly...

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