…And We Will Not Tolerate This!

Indeed sir, you won’t! But does it mean that you are going to take any action against it or do anything about it? The answer, indeed, is no. Not...

London Burnt, Paris Stood Still, Madrid Marched, and Delhi Yawns

The headline speaks of my frustration and anger over the over-placid Indian masses. We have learnt to lament the demise of TV Bahus, and get angry over the dismal defeat of the Dare Devils. We have learnt to live in blips, in Jameson’s “Perpetual Present”. We have learnt, and yet we have to master the art.

In Pictures: 65 Faces of Bharat Mata

If anyone had even a shard of doubt over the role BJP played in the ‘nationalism’ tinted incidents that have taken place at various places than the BJP National Executive meeting has removed it. Now even the ‘innocents’ know that it was not people on the fringes who caused things to happen in a certain way, which even coloured Congress in saffron hue.

US Economy in Crisis

Experts are divided in their opinions. They are not sure, if the ongoing economic crisis of the United States has reached its climax, or we are...

Responsive People, Irresponsible Media

Mumbai was attacked and we all were terrorized. We saw, we lamented, and we mourned! The way things took shape and are taking shape is indeed...

Anna Hazare, Indian Media, and Prince Falling In the Well

The journey of Indian mass has been significant. it has jumped straight away from being completely unconcerned about anything that happens to their surroundings to being hyper-reactive to each and everything that happens around them, and mostly it does so blindly, without even thinking what it is doing, or without ever stopping on sanity.

Sachin, Stats and Wallpaper

DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to do with the game cricket, my apology to the fans of cricket crazy nation. The issue here is rather bigger that involves the personal aspect behind liking cricket or any other sports or any other activity. Passion. This post is...

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Headgear with you!

Headgear with you! Why do you carry it, all the while? Is there some war going, or got intuition of some assault, or is it just imagination that…? Relax! Friend, keep it aside I am with you and nothing else, will hurt. Do you still believe, “stick & stone may break my...

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