indian-media-offers-candiesMumbai was attacked and we all were terrorized. We saw, we lamented, and we mourned!

The way things took shape and are taking shape is indeed worrying. Empty words are filling our ears, and reality terror-porn is being served. We are not just consuming, we are devouring it. Media got the footage and as usual.… Ji haan! As usual, the media houses are planning all their programs, all their moves around these invaluable assets.

Numbers are getting crunched, ad rates are spiking up, and number of incoming SMSes is getting speculated. How good the business opportunity it is! All those ‘Ji haans (yes)’ and ‘Gaur se dekhiyegas (look carefully)’ are getting stuffed in the narration and everyone is doing the India TV.

TV today & India today group has taken this one-step further, they have even made, we-will-not-tolerate-this announcements and formed some form of anti-terror-marketing squad to reap in profits from the present situation. Their marketing and programming team is really amazing. They know how to cash in on every accident, every terror attacks and every victim.

Day before yesterday, accidently Zee News called up Sayeed Naqvi, this is different Naqvi not that lipstick-power famed one, and I am not surprised, if you don’t know him, he is not a part of your perpetual present.

Don’t blame yourself, or else your entire life will be missed making list of trifle things you cared about and important things you missed. Perpetual present! So, accidently Zee News called this gentleman over the phone, to take his reactions & views (perhaps) on Condoleezza Rice’s visit to India.

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I am calling it accidental, because, he started showing mirror to this, illiterate, ill-informed, unimaginative, uninformed, deeply-make-uped, newsreader. Poor girl! Mr. Naqvi should have known that the priority of the media has changed; understanding of your surrounding and knowledge of things are no more required to be in media. Sir, now a days, scripts are given to read.

Substance (Thinking) is out of fashion, style is in sir.

I just wonder, why all the newsreader need to have such a slender built? Why none of the girls with average and above average figures makes into news reading room? Maybe they are not talented. If they had been talented, wouldn’t they have maintained their figure?

And what was the result, Mr. Naqvi was cut short and disconnected. Finally things were over for the poor girl; thankfully she did not notice what was going on or else how embarrassing the situation would have been for her? Ignorance is brilliant!

And how much do we care for our country is evident from the amount of SMSes we send. This act of ours, at least saves us from overburdening our guilt-conscious self. Look, we’re doing something! Sending SMSes for our country. How fool do you need to be to believe, it doesn’t work, this way? It will not build solidarity. All it’ll build is these buggers’ bank balances.

It’s hard to believe in this SMS-sending-to-show-concern era that, I’ve never sent any SMS to any of these people. I know it’s quite hard to believe, not your fault. You’re right, anything unlike you must not be normal, and further may be wrong. I am not lazy, ask those, on whom I had crush or to whom I am very good friend…I write book-lengths of SMSes. I don’t send-SMS-to-show-concern because I don’t consume reality porn. Wake up buddy, things won’t change this way. Come on, it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand this!

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Mumbai is just another Fad…and soon you all will forget it…like the last IPL 20/20. Die in your perpetual present!