Hi Folks, I had wonderful time sharing the experience I had with HP Gift Redemption Cell (To read the complete story please see the relevant entry). This is the second and very fresh experience, u can even smell the blood on my cuffs. This time my mistake was to order a book from redif.com and I would enjoy this privilege of sharing their mail with you and also my reply, I am still waiting for their answer and will keep you updated on that account. The immense joy that I’d have reading the book was made sour by the waiting time in dark Alley of uncertanity about the dlivery time. I should not outstay my welcome and take you straight to the mails.

Mail 1 (Mail From Rediff)

Dear Bikram,

Greetings from Rediff.com

We would like to inform you that your order: 4581852 has been approved as on 5th May’08

The lead time for delivery as mentioned on the site is 45 working days, from the date of approval and your order would be delivered accordingly.

Assure you of prompt and courteous response on all your visits to Rediff.Com

Warm Regards,
Saviona Pereira.
Customer Support,
P.S: Please do not change the subject line for future correspondence.

My Reply

Dear Ms. Pereira,

I am amazed, shocked, bewildered to hear such a wonderful news about the Lead Time. I had a very deep faith, thankfully now you proved it otherwise, that rediff shares the same time span as rest of us is doing but by conveying the sweet news of having a such a small (indeed a very very small time span for a company of dinosaurian era)time span of just 45 days. Should I hope that you must have understood this obvious fact that like me no other consumer does look for lead time while making a purchase online. If and i wish only if I had taken a bit time out to care for this thing called “Lead Time”; I assure you, I would not have dared to order any stuff from rediff.

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Indeed, this is enough motivation for me to avoid any commerce with rediff in future or else i must assure you i won’t ever file a complain if I happen to do this mistake of purchasing stuff from rediff

Warm and Kind Regards (What else???)