It’s not easy to deal with the best companies, leader of the pack. They make big claims, to be the best, on time services, no waiting line etc., but their services suck, big time.

ICICI bank is one such company. In the name of superior services, they’ll create all those hooplas and make you pay through the noses. Increasing their minimum deposit limit for savings account and decreasing their credit periods on credit cards is there way of maintaining efficient customer service.

This bank has something new to offer. I did not get excited on this and neither have I expected your excitement. They have recently declared, if a credit card customer of ICICI banks wants to pay their bills in cash at their branches, the consumers will have to pay Rs. 100 extra, I believe as a fine of using their services. Com’on after so much, how can you come to us and if you are coming, I presume you have some extra weight in your pocket. Let’s share it.

Another rule they deployed is, if you have a ICICI bank savings account in one state and deposit a sum of money in another state, you’ll be charged. Fair enough, every bank does that. No. not every, there are some tiny, little, unprofitable buffoons who render this service for free. To make profit ICICI charges Rs. 190 where as a public sector bank like State Bank of India charges Rs. 25 for the same service.

And though, unlike others, their customer care kids (not professionals, no one is professional in any customer care department) will come quickly on the phone but the effect is all the same like every other companies, unable to answer the phone. Poorly literate, ill-informed, kids will give you a blunt and recorded reply. They will just rant the memorized script without knowing the effect and meaning of their words.

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Generally I don’t write to companies, talking about my problem (I know they won’t care) but when I feel like screaming FUCK YOU, I start stroking the keyboard. The result of one of such wasteful effort is below.


I am a customer of My account number is 5XXXXXX6.

On 21st of august I sold 2of my ICICIC prudential mutual funds. One was Indo-Asia fund and another was technology fund. It has been more than 15days and the money has not been credited to my account.

I talked to customer care on 30th of august and i was assured that, the issue will be resolved within 4days. I had no clue then that for ICICI 4days lasts for as long as 9days.

When it comes to debiting money, ICICI is quickest, like any other bank, BUT when it comes to crediting money back to the account, it creeps and crawls.

If I knew, you people don’t’ have any intention of paying the amount quickly, I would have sold it after some days.
Who will incur the loss I had because of selling the mutual funds so early?

The complaint number (which you people patronizingly call request number, why would we request? we’ll complain) is: SRXXXXXXX3