These two mails marked the end of Whitenoise. This brain-child of mine came into existence to make the living simple and facts more reliable. In our over communicated society marketing message is everywhere, everyone claims to be best or number one (a few on relevant attribute (s) of the brand, other on not-so-relevant attribute and while rest on entirely irrelevant attributes). Advertising does the work of showing forest in barren land. The mental-masturbation that these groups of pseudo (read creative and all) go through is simply mind boggling to what effect? To make our life hell?

I believe, we are born as a human not as a consumer. Product /Brand is just a part (though somewhat big and necessary part) of our life. This initiative was to make us realize that we were born human not a consumer and we will be happy if we are left like that only.
I also believe in old model of information sharing (instead of two-tier model of Mass Media) and this in turn strengthens the human bond and trust can again be instilled in the society and each other.

We are fighting against the clutter, the noise, the carpet bombing that Mass media advertising is doing everyday and in turn making the life of average human very, very, very noisy.

We are fighting against the PR attempt to buy the Society Watchdog make the individual more distrustful of every business activity.
Information always had been noun. Then came digital revolution and it transformed ‘Information’ and now it is verb as well BUT we believe as it’s being a preposition rather. We strive to bring home this trust to people all across.

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This initiative, Whitenoise was brought down by its own team of people and I, THE FATHER, of this child lamented, mourned. Now it’s time for all of us to know the real reason behind it.

Two mails that ceased the existence of Whitenoise and reason behind it can be found hidden in both the mails. I forgot to mention 40-50 calls and number of messages in my mail.

Mail 1

Dear All,

Without wasting any of yours valuable time let’s come directly to the issue at hand. On the auspicious day of Tuesday, July 17 2007, I sent a mail to all of us, whose subject line read, The Way Ahead for Whitenoise and Synopsis of last meeting. It has been exactly 8 days, 4 hrs and 20minute and I’ve not heard anything from any of us regarding that (except Dhiraj’s questions and suggestions that we all are aware of by now).

The work we put in to run the Whitenoise is sufficient to make it a success in 10,000 yrs and being successful before that is not visible to me at the rate we are devoting our time and energy. We always talk the talk and seldom walk the walk. I am really keen to understand what was so tough in the mail that it made us spellbound and left us searching for answer or even asking question for more than 8 days (and probably it’ll continue to do so in coming weeks)? The motivation and interest we are showing for Whitenoise is quite sufficient to take it to its deathbed.

I understand concerns like, not picking the phone or disconnecting the phone and should I also need to understand the reason of not dialing back once one of us disconnect the call? Or the call for the work of Whitenoise is so much bothering that we love to avoid it. Please help me in understanding this complex reality.

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I agree when we say, we’ve to prove that we are not the bunch of jokers gathered in some college canteen for fun, we are in serious business and we’ll prove it.

I wish, I hope, I pray that a day should come when just speaking these or similar words will be sufficient to be successful in any walk of life but till the time my prayer is not getting heard, we sorry creature will have to put in some work as well. I know this is a sad reality but we’ll have to do this. We have to do the deed not just the talk.

Why we don’t have time? Why everyone is busy? Why just words are what we give to Whitenoise? Why we don’t offer blood, toil and perseverance? Why we aren’t open to internal questioning? Why are we just people of shallow words with no intent to fulfill it? There are lots of why which we should find answer of.

To hunt a lion one need to hold gun in one’s hands and shoot. Mere giving lip service to the practice of hunting isn’t going to make us any good lion-hunter.

One request, we should not use this platform for blame game rather we should try to find the authenticity in the points I made. If the points are valid.

8 days, 4 hrs and 20minute and no calls….we’ll go places!
Warm ‘n’ Kind Regards

Mail 2

Dear All,

I am feeling exalted to release all of you from any obligation, (be it moral, ethical, professional or personal). I hope you all will be equally excited after getting relieved from the imposed responsibility of Whitenoise.

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While writing this mail i don’t have any clear vision whether it’ll run or closed down as there is nothing clear but one thing is crystal clear that Whitenoise is closed for you for all practical and impractical purposes.

Warm and kind regards


Failure is a better teacher. And it taught me this time for sniffing hard before calling anyone into your team. And learning goes

1. Look for attitude in team mates not for talent only because a person with good attitude and less talent can overcome the shortcoming but a person with megalomaniac attitude will take you nowhere.

2. Don’t just go for words, or more precisely don’t go for words they will deceive. Big talkers are quite common.

3. Look for a person which can do it regardless of any deficiency because a person who seeks a perfect product or service to sell is of no good (there isn’t anything perfect).

4. The person who says we are not prepared and there is lots of deficiency is not meant for adventure and creating something new and is coward.

5. Don’t take person who is not open to criticism, these people are lethal.
There are lots of things that failure teaches you. Learn to learn and be prepared for that. At the end I’d like to add a few lines by Robert Frost.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”