Yes, Mr. Naqvi, you are not a subject for any discussion, you never was. You are the bait BJP, has hooked to allure Muslim voters, the thing we do when we go fishing. Even if you are an object, there is no clear idea about what kind of object you are?hinduextremistgujarat

Let’s talk about your owner BJP (objects don’t have any affiliation, they have owner). What’s its ideology? BJP talks about Hindutva. Your senior leader, much-revered-in-BJP-much-abominated-elsewhere, Mr. Narendra Modi swears by it. It seems like the party has one ideology, right or wrong, whatever it is.

If it is so, what you, a Muslim, are doing there? There are some more like you? By the way, what’s your job in the party that has Hindutva at its core? They even talk about hindu rastravaad. If, this Hindu State thing becomes a reality, I hope it won’t ever happen, what will be the fate of Muslims?

RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and many such atrocious parties that back BJP, just because it exploits, Hindu sentiment. Now, seeing in this light, I fail to understand you reason for existence.

I am not shocked on the news about your stament. There was no reason to be shocked, because I always was prepared for such things from you, people. There was just disgust, both for the way you spoke, and the delay you did in revealing your true colour. I even saw the broad smile, you had when saying sorry. Mr. Naqvi, you were not sorry, you just pretended to be sorry. You are not even a good actor to rightly pretend it.

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Mark my word. This statement of yours is going to cost BJP the coming election. It needs just basic civility to be human, which you showed, you don’t have. Now, it’s upon the public to decide what to do.

The choice is between bad (UPA) and worst (BJP). I’ll go for the bad, till the time things improves for better. Find your ground, Mr. Naqvi, you don’t have any in BJP ort may be you have as a pawn.

Why did not you react on Malegaon, a proof of Hindu terrorism? I think, you are no more a Muslim, and of course, you are not a Hindu either. What are you Mr. Naqvi? This is the question you should ask.

And get some elementary classes in basic civility, before the election comes. Now asking for much, not expecting you or any of your kind being eloquent with his speech, for that, one need to have some mass, between his ears.