26/11 (Mumbai Attack) – Everyone is celebrating (no one is mourning or is bereaved) 26/11. Why is it so important? Why government, media, and people are so mournful about victims of 9/11? What is so different about 9/11?

And how that incident was worse than what happened in Sarojni Nagar, Pahar Ganj, Surat, Hydrabad, mahipalpur and in countless other places? Why do we need to do MEMORIAL SHIT for this one incident…?

We are hooked to 26/11 because that is the single incident in which collective asses of rich and famous got kicked. They felt the blow, that is why there is so much of hue and cry about 26/11.

Why are we disrespecting the lives of everyone else who died in countless terror strikes, famines, train accidents, riots, and because of countless wrong decisions taken by the government?

Sometimes I feel, I should be happy about what happened on 26/11 and do not give a second thought about the rich and famous who died in Taj Hotel. Millions of people are dying and countless millions suffering every single day. Let’s not be blind and fight the battle that we have to.

It’s all monkey business for media, politicians, and those who were trapped in Taj Hotel on 26/11.

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